The Bad Bus A Massive Hit During Memphis Appearance.

A quote from the article.

Larry Jeffers had just finished running his incredible Bad Bus during an exhibition pass as part of the ADRL’s Memphis Drags III at Memphis International Raceway when he saw a trail of children following him and the bus back to his pit area.

All of them were laughing and cheering with delight, hoping to catch another glimpse of one of the most unique exhibition vehicles in drag racing.

If Jeffers, who owns Jeffers Pro Cars just outside of St. Louis, needed any reassurance about what impact his radical school bus gone extreme would have, a long and steady stream of children with smiles on their faces was all he needed to see.

“Just seeing the smile on their faces is incredible. That’s why I built it,” Jeffers said. “Running under the lights is awesome. We probably had about 50 kids chasing us back to the pits.”

Jeffers and his “Bad Bus” was a hit both at the track at the Memphis Drags III and off it,  Continue reading the rest of the article…..